What’s the Purpose of a Cold Call?

By Neil Smith

What is the purpose of a cold callAn unsolicited attempt to reach a prospect with an intention of making a sale or at-least establishing a (to be nurtured) contact through a call, this is the widely accepted phenomenon of cold calls. Even now the question still remains, what is the purpose of a cold call? The purpose of a cold call, is to engage a prospect in a to and fro conversation about their needs cum requirements and determine the next steps required in order to make it a successful attempt, exactly where the circle started. So lets us give you a precise know how about what a cold call really is and its rationale.

Induce Engagement in Conversation

A call unexpected to a person is a cold call for him, the person here in concern can be a cold prospect, a person who filled some research forms online or even an old client with whom you trying to get in touch with, out of the blue. Having established this remember the first contact only holds a ‘to’ way of conversation and you are the only one talking, still trying to maneuver your way through into a ‘fro’ conversation. The best way to do this is by arousing prospect interest through a teaser question, catchy call opening statements and probing more keeping him and his company as a base trying to hook the anchor in one of these hit and trails. This technique is sure to give you a stable start and induce the prospect to engage in a dialog from a monologue.

Need Analysis

Though, we are using the term analysis over here, but the fact is and the real game is all about earning the trust of the prospect in that first , unknown & unexpected call from a complete stranger. So what is it that is going to give you the backing? It is the conviction and the value proposition of your solution and services that is going to give them the confidence but more importantly it is the way you handle and modulate your tone in order to articulate the process to him. Finally let them join you in connecting the dots and comprehending a clear picture of their needs and look outs. This approach gives a chance to you to create a need.

Ascertain Follow through Steps

Here is the point where we come to compare cold calling with other mode of selling whether it is emailing or sending web invites. If handled well by the most effective and efficient cold callers and sales people, it is not difficult or long for them to assess the most primary reason to make the call, which is to find out whether it is pragmatic to continue the process with the person on the call or not. Post assessing, the befitting step based on the understanding of the requirements of the prospect can be taken, which can be, setting up a meeting registering for a webinar, sending across a statement of purpose, etc.

The purpose of a cold call is to identify the one hot lead from amongst those endless contacts that are yet to be called. Hope the rationales enumerated along with the steps help you chart out your path more accurately while you are cold calling.

Do leave in your experiences of cold calling; we would love to hear from you.

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