What Type Of A Sales Manager Are You?

By Neil Smith

Since our inception in 2006 we have closely worked with lot of sales leaders from mid to top management at some of the world’s best tech companies and we found that all had a unique personality. Some are action oriented while some are assertive. Some swear by processes while some emphasize on spontaneity and building connects. All seem to have their own sales management type. However on a broad level we feel there are a few fixed management styles and most sales leaders move from one style to another depending on the situation.

Sergeants – named after the field sergeant in a military organization, they possess a keen sense of loyalty to their team.  They are hard workers who constantly worry about their teams often sacrificing personal interests for the sake of team benefits

Teflons – these managers are pleasant and polite. Unlike sergeants thought they don’t like to have deep personal relationships with their sales team. They are very evenly balanced in their outlook and are rarely exhausted. One of their biggest strengths is their ability to stay above the daily politics

Micromanagers – the most methodical and organized of all sales leader types. They have a good sense of responsibility towards the organization and are often proud of having achieved their sales targets. They are people who want things done their way and generally work around the all-or-nothing principle

Amateurs – utilized or referred towards a person who seems to be outside his comfort zone with a management role. These people are often found working with an unfamiliar product or a new company/ industry. Thus their management style is like a directionless maze of actions lacking one single clear approach

Overconfidents – the most self centered amongst all sales leadership styles. They are excellent on sales call and are charming in public interactions. They however don’t welcome feedback and often have a ‘get it done at all costs’ approach

Expressives – are people-oriented with a flair for sharing emotions and amplifying emotions of people around them. Possessing a natural ability to ease people out these managers create an environment where a lot of thought is given to how sales as a division is thought of within a company

Mentors – the most common type of sales leaders. Mentors are charismatic sales experts who pride in meeting revenue goals, building up a team based culture and helping team members reach up to their true potential. They are confident in their own abilities and often possess great business insights.

The effectiveness and structure of the sales department will mirror the management style of its leader. Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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