What Minions Taught Us About Sales

The despicable creatures who made us go aww in wonder and shake a leg on the banana beat dance, also gave us a lot of take away apart from their life size spectacles and blue dungarees. To be precise on our learning and lessons from these cute little minions, yes, we are talking about what we as sales guys can trick out of them to facilitate smooth sales and carry a goggled looking bullet eye

What we loved the most about these insanely adorable creatures was their integrity and fellowmen ship. A army is never made of a single warrior what defines its strength is its unity and integration. Our sales team work and sales beliefs are similar to these formulas of success. So let’s get started with most delightful lesson we have ever learnt in sales

I’m who I’m Be Yourself

May be all of our agendas including our pitches are same, what differentiates our individuality is our persona our flaws our qualities and let us tell you, it does get across calls very clearly. Just like the minions embrace yourself identify your potentials and go get calling shedding all your fears. Its just a call at the end of day, what worse can happen than a couple of road blocks. Its ok! Just try to be gentle and polite, everything will be fine

Sales and minions

Always Be On a Lookout for Opportunities

Minions never rested well enough to be satisfied with what they have, much is never too much. What gave them the kick to be full energized once again was the lure of another great opportunity. They knew a chance is just a look away. Keep looking for more; there is no paucity of deals, people and opportunities when you are wearing the minions goggles while hunting

sales and minions

Have Fun on the Run

Sales is invariably a constant chase and a run for victory, pressure built up for success can put everyone on their toes all the time. How to deal with it? Have fun, just have fun as you have when you are playing a sport or dancing alone in the house. Life has more to it than being so worried all the time. Like the minions do, enjoy your work, the work will love you back. Its very important to keep your sanity in place to excel at your run

sales and minions

Treat your Prospects like Bananas

Like our beloved minions treat their bananas sacred its imperative we treat our prospects similarly. Bananas are the ultimate energy boosters after all. A good bite can possibly never go wrong isn’t? Treat your leads and prospects like a pool of resources keep taking for the tastiest banana and you shall get there

sales and minions


Evident we weren’t able to understand the language of these little fun balls, but their actions and victories taught us a lot of ways to proceed in our work and capabilities. These where some of our learning sales lessons from The minions, please feel free to drop in what you think about them and the article. Wishing all a great sales minions mania! Banana!


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