Use images to drive your sales!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – You must all know that humans are stimulated more visually than verbally. They can engage better with a picture, remember it longer and recollect it better than words. We all know this, but why don’t we use this to improve business? Specifically, how can you exploit this to drive sales?

There are multiple options to engage with customers via pictures today. You can use pictures on social media portal like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to engage your customers better. But these sites were not designed with pictures in mind.

Next generation social media picture sharing platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and tumblr and great tools to engage with your customers visually. These sites are optimized for picture sharing and the people on these networks are looking for interesting pictures to share!

How do you engage with customers on these new platforms with pictures? Ensure that:
1. Your pictures are eye catching and shareable
2. The pictures have a call to action
3. Your content is unique
4. Your pictures are optimized to view on multiple devices such as computers, phones and tablets
5. The file names of images include key phrases

Along with the pictures, here are some other tips to keep in mind:
1. Use short word descriptions which are eye catching
2. Make sure you engage with customers on comments
3. Profile information on these platforms are comprehensive and contain links to your website landing page
4. Include a link to you site in the images
5. Repost images of followers and engage with them as a fellow user and not as an advertiser
6. Have a unique personality and style

So have fun using images to drive sales!

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