Two Approaches To Closing A B2B Sale

By Neil Smith

Closing a b2b saleWe’ll personally we never believed in what people call ‘a natural talent for closing’. However we do feel the presence or absence of certain character traits can make your life a lot easier while closing. Good sales reps are generally able to take control and latch on to key moments during a sales conversation. Weak sales reps on the other hand survive on the mercy of competition and are guided by prospects. They naturally find it difficult to close because exerting influence is something they might not be comfortable with.

Don’t we all dream of a situation wherein customers listen to and value our opinions and advice. They follow your desired course of action once the call is closed. Remember personality plays a big part in way you can establish dominance in sales calls.

Below is a small self test to kick start your closing approach. Score your answer after each question with zero, one, or two points. Depending on your score you can then deploy one amongst the two closing techniques mentioned.

Assertiveness in a group

For instance you are in a group conversation what is your behavior?

(0) You remain silent the majority of time letting others speak

(1) Speak an equal share

(2) Find yourself talking the majority of the time

Conformity in situations

In a similar situation, someone says something you did not agree with, would you?

(0) Typically remain silent

(1) Challenge the person to explain themselves

(2) Confront the person directly

Self-consciousness in a crowd

If one of your colleagues said that one of your most important ideas looked stupid and silly to him would you?

(0) Remain silent

(1)  Defend yourself

(2) Reject the person’s comments outright and criticize his judgment


Are you someone who while speaking to your colleagues

(0) Carefully picks and chooses his words

(1) Tactfully speaks his mind

(2) Completely upfront and honest with all your thoughts


 You are someone who

(0) Is genuinely humble and cares for everyone around

(1) Believes himself as equal to others

(2) Is superior in some way to people around you

Now add up the scores from all your answers. A score of 6 or below indicates a low natural tendency to establish dominance. On the other hand a score of 7+ indicates strong dominance based tendencies. This makes you a natural closer.  For others amongst us (with a score of 6 or less), no need to fret. We can always utilize alternate techniques for closing.

closing a sales

Approaches for sales closing

There are two broadly defined approaches to establish dominance during sales calls:

The direct approach if you scored a high pointer in the test say 6 and above, you are well suited for the direct approach where in its you who is the focal point for the customer, it’s your experience that has pulled him to close the deal based on your credibility.

The indirect approach – on the other hand if you scored a lower marker in the earlier test, you are more suited for this approach. it is the exact opposite of the above, here in place of you, it’s the company , solution or the product which is the focal point for the customer. Your approach here should be to utilize your technical hold over your solution and a well crafted pitch as your drawing cord.

The long and short of it is identifying the mood of the customer along with your own dominance level and acting on line accordingly. The drive to take command of a situation is instrumental to a salesperson’s success.

Did you take the test? Which approach suits you more? Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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