Turning emails to lead generation tools

Using emails to generate leads is a cost effective way to meet your business targets, provided it is done RIGHT! Email providers, as well as email users, are increasingly getting apprehensive of spam keywords and that doesn’t make the job easier. However, here are few tips to ensure your email campaign is working to its fullest.


It all begins with the database. More information about your prospects is always beneficial. If your market research team can at least provide the first name of the recipient, it will help to personalize the email. Of course it will relate more to the end user, but also help to pass through the junk filters.

Not every prospect is same, hence, categorise them. Categories can be on the basis of industries, level of interest in your offering, roles and location etc. Point being, sending every email to every prospect is rarely a good idea. Create separate emails for separate categories. This will ensure that your prospects’ email accounts are not getting flooded by emails they don’t need.

When it comes to content, follow this rule: If you have nothing useful to share with your recipients, don’t send an email to them. It is that simple. The number one reason for unsubscribing from emails is the recipient didn’t find the email useful. Categorisation will definitely help to meet this end, but it still doesn’t matter if the content is just hard, in-your-face sales copy. Offer links to blog posts, provide industry updates, inform them about your white papers or offers: anything that will be perceived useful to the category you are sending the email to.

Finally, a successful email campaign will have a strong “call to action” button. Irrespective of what that action is, the “call to action” button has to be prominent. While designing it, ensure that the button is in contrast to the background color. Link the button to the appropriate page (one more handy tip here: NEVER LINK IT TO YOUR HOME PAGE). You don’t want your prospect to click the button hoping to find more information, only to land on your home page and presented with plethora of links.

Email campaign requires proper homework, planning and content development. It is rarely just clicking the “Send” button.

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