Transform Your Sales Team from Good to Great!

By Neil Smith

There is a distinct difference between a great and a good sales team in an organization. A study involving over two-hundred different companies suggests that great business-to-business sales team in an organization share specific organizational patterns and behavior. The common critical derivations are highlighted below:

  • A strong central leadership with scope for local autonomy: Nothing is a bigger influence in the success of a sales organization than proper leadership. Leadership is responsible for creating the sales culture and environment for sales reps. Organizations with great sales teams in this aspect have leaders who authorize, direct and establish abiding behavioral codes for the team. In addition, the senior team does not micromanage their teams below. Instead, there is independent and autonomous local decision making that operates within the guidelines and protocols established by the leaders above.
  • Darwin’s theory imprinted on their sales culture: Great sales organizations follow Darwin’s survival theory. The first step is to include hiring of high, quality and capability so that the new joiners pose a challenge to the existing sales team, making them give their best every time. The second step is to keep a track of the performance of every sales rep and eventually to let go of the weaker less efficient ones.
  • A common enemy: Most of the best sales organizations have an archrival competitor which makes every sales rep prepare better before approaching the prospect. The reason for this behavior is both resentment and fear for the common enemy.
  • Competition with cohesiveness: Big organizations are spread across regions like North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe/Middle-East/Africa. Likewise the sales team is split into the respective regions. There is always a friendly rivalry between these teams. But this hunt for being the best sales region of the organization does not stop them from co-operating and helping each other
  • Self-dependency: The top performing sales teams take ownership of their own success because of their “Do It Yourself” attitude. For example, they will not solely rely on marketing to provide them leads but build their own pipeline too. When troubles arise at customer accounts, they will spearhead problem resolution efforts etc.
  • Avoid Negative Psychology: In a great sales team the reps always tend to have their mind and heart in the present. Rejections and negative thoughts do not shift their focus from moving forward and taking action.
  • Energy in Teamwork: Inside a great sales organization the members undergo immense amount of peer pressure. If the quota is not achieved, then the entire team feels let down and not just the individual. When the same individual posts great numbers, honor and respect of the entire team follows. This strategy fosters team cohesiveness, morale and high energy levels.

Most of the great sales organizations have the ultimate target of proving to the world that they are the best! Feel free to share your views with us via comments below.

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