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By Neil Smith

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Substantiating and optimizing are the inseparable twins to sales process and development. Proficiency of a sales person and planner is preferably gauged on tangibility of results and quantifiable elements. However, this may sound very simple and single point reference task. Unfortunately, it’s not. Months of planning, analytics and decision making goes in to just designing the outlay of the objectives to be achieved. Definition of a tools cruxes that which suffices the need to complete a task. Tools have been helping man kind since eternity, whenever a need arises discovery of a tools comes into existence. Ditto phenomenon applies to tools that came into existence for carving a niche in the world of sales and not to mention making the lives of everyone so simple.


Absolutely n doubts in mentioning this on the top of the list, the most handy, most user friendly and certainly the most popular amongst all the sales tools till date. Salesforce is a CRM tool that is a one point stop and database for all possible records of your leads and clients. Call logs, communication history, activity history of the customers literally all possible captures in terms of the clients and prospects. We wonder if there is still a sales set up working away from the force of sales force, just in case you are not, we highly recommend it!


This tool is basically favorite of the decision makers in a company as it features automating the contracts post deal closures even to the extent of convenience till billing information. It makes the procedure of getting into a contract right from the step of signing as simple as imagination goes , also not to forget it shortens the sales cycle much faster and engagement levels higher.


Widely used by market research teams for faster and prompt confirmations of leads and their credentials such as phones numbers, email address,. The data is directly drawn from the social media networks likes LinkedIn and other details that could be present on other platforms as well. This data which is drawn is finally linked to the sales reps database, eg: salesforce to shorten the sales cycle phenomenally.


This a very popular tool for email marketing and drafting sales emails. Its synced with gmail and other emails and one can schedule the email with the date and time one wants to send the mail. Doest end here, this tools also holds in self a variety of templates one can choose from in order to save time and efforts and progress for rapid selling. This is perhaps the best tools for email prospecting and making the most economical use out of the same.


It’s the perfect tool for reps who face the challenge of dealing with the already set customers of their competitors. That awkward moment when the prospect says that “we are already using…..” and you are left clueless as to what to anchor on now. It helps sales reps track which lead or prospect is using a competitor and when the customer is going to stop using the same. Hence it gives the spot on hit time to contact the prospect .

These where the top 5 tools which we feel are a must use and most importantly cost effective too for all the sales guys. They are a boon in boon in helping companies shorten the sales cycle do a lot of heavy lifting for them.
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