Tips to Use Slide Share More Effectively

Tips for effective usage of slideshare

Tips for effective usage of slideshare

All checks incomplete without having a substantiated presence on slideshare. Needless to say that it is perhaps the best tool for fiddling with the creative nerve of the perceived monotonous content creators. Presentations have become the undisputed winners of not only knowledge transfers but transcending that into content marketing. No longer are newsletters, blogs and articles are considered to be impactful enough to be kept on the same pedestal for creating an image. Slides are not only more convenient to make but also lets the reader and target viewers to zip through the content in a jiffy
Ironically , it rather than being a easy way out, it is a platform of judgment of supreme articulation and presentation skills. Here are few tips for the path of mastery on the this emerging tool of marketing and pointers to be kept in mind while designing the same

Be Bold and Precise

We at times land up not reading what we ourselves have written if the write up turns out to be too long and time consuming. Make your presentations much to the point and crisp. The pointers have to be put across in the shortest formations possible and cut across the board language should be used. Do not shy away for diplomacy, it is your view keep it straight out. This approach not only makes it very simple to comprehend but also gives a very niche and professional look to the presentation

Pick Pictures

Presentations are precisely a visual mode of content representation. Keep as low of the number of words as possible in each slide that you make and try and represent the thought or point that you are trying to make , through a picture and a set of pictures. It makes the presentations look very attractive and something that viewers would want to go and click on

Fort on Your Forte

Keep in mind that you make the presentation on something you have a certain amount of expertise in. Do not attempt to make a slideshow on a totally unknown subject that just might land you up in trouble. As they say not speaking when you don’t know something is safer than speaking the wrong! Make the presentation on a subject you have grip on, it makes the discussion on the comments section way easier for you and also it becomes evident from the content that the source of the content is highly original and credible

Call to Action

All the efforts of making an impeccable share is actually a waste if you forget putting across a land up page in order words a call to action which leads to your websites homepage. Invite the viewers to like and follow you on social media and add the respective buttons to make them do it with ease. Just add the icons and buttons on the slide and hyperlink them to your website and the social media platforms

Link to Linkedin

Do not forget to add and share all the presentations you make on slideshare to your LinkedIn profile. Linkedin is the most popular and successful way of getting you the targeted views. This action will lead to more concentrated viewership and gives a higher level of credibility to the presentation

Follow Up

It is of utmost importance to follow up the shares you made on slideshare. Keep a tab of how many views you are receiving on each share you make on a weekly basis and the ones on which you get maximum hits, follow the same trend of presentation more. Slideshare also has a dashboard of engagement levels for is paid customers, make the best use of it incase you are a pro user

These where some of tips we have been following for best reaching our targeted viewership on slideshare. Please drop in more ideas that have worked out for you on the below comments section

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