Three Sales Lessons from Day One of FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup began yesterday amid much buzz and protests. Our team here at AAyuja is full of football fanatics supporting teams ranging from Brazil to Germany and even England! So while they were enjoying day 1 we pestered them with questions on how does the world of sales relate to action on the field. So here are three sales lessons our reps came up with after the opening ceremony and Brazil – Croatia match.

 Sales Lesson 1: Prepare for objections and worst case scenarios

The highlight of the opening ceremony was supposed to be the performance of Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. However as many users moaned about on social media a sound glitch rendered the performance ineffective for the ones watching it on TV. The sound problem (faint and tinny sound) was caused because there was a technical glitch with the host broadcaster and there weren’t any arrangements for an alternate feed. In sales you’ll often encounter unexpected objections and unexplored situations, a good sales rep is able to circumvent these challenges and step out stronger

Sales Lessons From World Cup - 1

Sales Lesson 2: Always look to direct your sales calls and meetings

Till about 60 odd minutes the referee had the match under control, however soon after that he lost the plot and as a result the match is now being more being talked viz a viz his performance than that of the two teams.  Brazil’s penalty was the turning point of the night. At around 70th minute the Brazilian Fred took a dive and earned his side an undeserved penalty. Around 6 minutes from time Ivan from Croatia put the ball in the net only for the referee to blow for a very soft foul on the Brazilian keeper.  Such refereeing errors dampened what could otherwise have been a good opening match. A good sales rep doesn’t lose the plot of his sales calls and meetings ever. An undirected sales call or meeting is of no use both to you and your prospects

Sales Lessons From World Cup - 2

Sales Lesson 3: Statistics don’t always tell the complete story, look deeper

As a sales rep you must be quite used to the whole deal about analytics and data by now. In a world ruled by dials and connects a more important task is to properly interpret that data. Consider an example from yesterday’s match, statistically Brazil beat Croatia comfortably by a margin of 3 -1. However anyone willing to dig deeper will find that the last goal was scored in 91 minute. Anyone willing to watch the highlights will further realize that Croatia had a goal disallowed and that the penalty to Brazil was a sham

 Sales Lessons From World Cup - 1

As the world cup fever grows up on our team you’ll see a few more articles from us which intermingle our two passions; football and inside sales! Feel free to share your thoughts with us via comments below.

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