The Super 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Who wouldn’t want to run their businesses like super heroes? Always ahead of competition, making instant decisions, taking responsibility for every action, hoping for the best and always prepared for the worst are only but regular for super heroes. Well, we may not be able to offer you a Bat Mobile at this instant, but here are some tips to get the super hero out of you!

Know thy weakness, just like Superman: Superman knew his weakness – Kryptonite. If you have a weakness, be aware of it, admit it and then work on it. If a close associate gives you feedback on your weakness, do not let your ego come in the way, acknowledge it and then work on it. You will notice them fade away in no time.

Be a strategist, like Batman: They say that Batman’s strategy is so well planned, that his enemy can never figure his next move. In the business world, it is very important to play your cards right, after analyzing your competitors’ strategies, as they say, “always be 10 steps ahead”. So, keep your eyes and ears open, and act accordingly.

Be as fast as Flash: To be lightning fast in your responses, and making decisions on the go is critical in businesses. And this only happens when your mind is clutter free and you are focused. Every single moment…all the time! Train yourself to be aware, and be as fast as you can to go for the kill.

Be as tech savvy as Iron Man: Iron Man is extremely cool. And there is no denying that he is tech savvy. There’s nothing he cannot learn and adopt instantly and apply. Technologies we use in our businesses is constantly changing. Newer applications are introduced to us everyday, making our lives easier. It is critical to stay in sync with the developments in the world of technology, all the time

Be a role model, like Captain America: Someone who is a highly respected super hero, and that is because of his ability to work in a team and respect his team mates. How important is this in our professional lives? Very! A successful company always has a great team, one formed by great work cultures. Strive to get a winning culture and make a difference to everyone around.

Be adaptive, like The Hulk: To adapt well is an art! Markets change every day, and so do our competitors. It is imperative to change one’s operational strategies with changing market demands. Create that demand by creating awesome products and finding newer ways to get buyers interested! Incredible…Isn’t it?

Stand up when you fall, like The Wolverine: Wolverine comes back to life from every dire situation and fights back. This makes a business successful. It’s okay to fall, but only to rise. Successful businesses have seen their share of failures, but they have come back to life…And this happens only when you fight back! So don’t back down.

We all wish we have real super hero powers to take our businesses to the next level, but guess what? These points are powerful! What super powers do you use in your businesses and how do they affect you? Share in the comments section below.

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