The Importance of Free Content in Sales (Part 2 – Distribution)

The distribution platform should be focused around a central corporate blog. A blog would give you complete control over a versatile public presence which can be integrated into other methods of communication. It gives the firm the space it needs to effectively create, display, and distribute content and allow users to interact with the content (comments, backlinks, etc.). Video, audio, text, and image content can easily be integrated into a corporate blog. It is the platform the company needs to use as a showcase for displaying its knowledge and insight into the company, and thus establishing itself as a leader in the industry.

Aside from the blog, distribution platforms can be categorized in two separate ways, platforms which funnel visitors to the blog and platforms which funnel blog readers to more direct forms of communication which move them along the sales cycle.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are used to funnel visitors to the blog. Through creating presences on these websites and linking to blog posts in status updates and profiles, you can drive visitors to the blog where they can engage with content. Social media websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, HackerNews, TechMeme, and others have a similar purpose. You can also find leading blogs in the industry and establish a presence on these sites through the use of guest posts to demonstrate knowledge, build credibility, and attract new readers.

In terms of converting blog readers into subscribers and potential customers, your firm needs to initialize and encourage more direct communication. Comments should be enabled to promote discussion of ideas and get readers involved with the blog. Readers should also be given links to contact pages and author contact information so that they can get in touch, facilitating more direct communication. An e-mail newsletter should be established with exclusive content to encourage readers to subscribe and get access to this more exclusive content. In this way, you can start more personal communication with the subscriber.

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