The Growth of Outsourced Sales Teams


As the business world becomes increasingly attached to emerging technology, new methods emerge which serve to make routine business activities more efficient and affordable. This advancement of technology has made outsourcing for almost all business functions, including sales, an attractive option to companies of all sizes. Outsourcing has allowed companies, primarily based out of the United States and Europe, to easily tap into the talent pool of emerging economies such as India and China. One area where outsourcing for business functions has really caught on has been sales.

From brick and mortar sales call centers to well-trained teams of sales professionals, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their sales functions to reduce costs and increase efficiency. While outsourced  sales is still a relatively new idea, it has a trend which has caught on across virtually all industries and shows no signs of losing its vigor. As early concerns, such as language and culture barriers, have been overcome with the integration of outsourced sales teams with Western culture, the popularity of outsourcing sales functions has soared.

One of the most notable features of the trend is the diversity within the industry. New companies focused on outsourced sales are emerging throughout the world providing clients with everything from technical solutions to sales problems such as the development of web channels to funnel leads to full sales teams to take over all the company’s sales functions. Even more significant is the specialization of these sales teams. While there a number of companies which provide broad sales solutions for companies in a variety of industries, a number of companies are focusing only on one sector to provide clients with the degree of specialization needed to successfully drive leads.

Aayuja is one such company, focusing on providing solutions for mid-sized technology companies. Through making the decision to only focus on the tech sector and acquiring talent specialized and driving sales for technology focused products, Aayuja can provide clients with a high standard of quality service at a price more affordable than comparable solutions. It this through this unique mixture of talent, expertise, and affordability, that companies focused on outsourced services, such as Aayuja, are thriving.

The current state of the economy has made outsourcing an, even more, attractive option as firms look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Subscribe to the Aayuja Sales Blog to receive updates as we continue to discuss the impact outsourcing is making in the global economy and get more information on how companies interested in outsourced solutions can get started finding a reputable service provider.

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