The Art of Being Succinct

The AAyuja team was recently featured on leading marketing blog, writing a post on the art of being succint and why it is important for sales. The full post can be read here, but we have pasted an excerpt below.

One of the most valuable tools for any sales professional is the ability to be succinct. From strict space limitations in creating sales copy for advertisements, offline and online, to crafting effective sales messages to be distributed to potential leads, the importance of the ability to be succinct in sales copywriting cannot be understated.

While it can be difficult, here are a few tips to help you be more concise in your writing:

What is your Focus?

In your sales copy, what is the part of the message that you really want to effectively communicate? The key is to focus on this part of the message and avoid spending too much time on either the “build-up” or introduction to your focus or the conclusion after. The easiest way to discover your focus is to challenge yourself to fit your message into certain space restrictions. Even if you have a page for your sales copy, pretend you have to fit your message into a 140 character Tweet or Google AdWords ad space? With such significant limitations on how much you can say, what part of your message are you going to focus on?
Once you create your sales copy based on these restrictions, create the sales copy you actually plan on distributing with an emphasis on what you covered with these space restrictions and only brief coverage of other matters.

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