Sales outsourcing is growing in volume and influence. Companies of all sizes, and for such varied reasons as ramping up sales, lowering deployment costs, limited availability of management bandwidth or a management team with no sales competency, use outsourced sales.
Outsourcing sales helps your company to:
  • Expand market coverage
  • Target new markets
  • Access the best sales skills
  • Access distribution channels quickly
  • Provide tactical activity and long-term strategic support
  • Provide critical support to an expanding product portfolio
  • Respond quickly to short-term opportunities or competitor activities
  • Avoid routine tasks that do not add any value to sales performance
  • Avoid fully loaded cost of employing, training and deploying sales teams
In uncertain business environments additional sales resources are a major boon. Especially in the technology industry, companies that are undergoing rapid change may need to avoid hiring and firing costs. These are times when deal sizes tend to get smaller, margins are squeezed, lead generation gets more important and there are pressures to deliver, boost revenues and maintain profitability. It is for all of these reasons that an outsourced sales force can be the perfect solution.
We appreciate the time and effort from AAyuja in qualifying the lead for us. AAyuja asks the correct questions to gain as much information as they can from the prospective leads. The information we need is complete with no gaps. AAyuja shows the potential to be a long lasting vendor to us.

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