Ten B2B Lead Generation Questions Answered Using Statistics

By Neil Smith

B2B Lead Generation StatisticsSince our inception in 2006 we have worked with a plethora of B2B technology companies and helped them with their sales needs. In fact lead generation is one of our flagship and most sought after services amongst our inside sales services portfolio. For tech businesses lead generation is one of the most rewarding and frustrating aspect of their marketing efforts. Further ahead we answer ten key questions related to b2b lead generation. We have utilized statistics related to b2b lead generation that we feel are highly relevant and should be used while in context of design and implementation of lead generation programs.


B2B Lead Gen Stats What’s the biggest problem with lead generation?
Well quality of leads! 61% of b2b marketers feel their biggest challenge with regards to lead generation is generation high-quality leads


B2B Lead Gen Stats What are the most effective b2b lead generation tools?
The most effective lead generation tools are inside sales, company website, email marketing, tradeshows and conferences and SEO


B2B Lead Gen Stats How effective is a blog in lead generation?
57% of companies with a blog have directly generated a lead through it. In fact B2B companies with blog generate 67% more leads than the ones who don’t


B2B Lead Gen Stats Which social media channel works best for b2b lead generation?
LinkedIn! 44% b2b marketers generated leads from LinkedIn last year as compared to 39% through Facebook and 30% from Twitter


B2B Lead Gen Stats What are the biggest barriers hampering b2b lead generation?
According to b2b marketers their biggest deterrents are lack of resources in staffing, budgeting and time


B2B Lead Gen Stats What’s the status of investments going into b2b lead generation programs in 2014?
50% marketers have increased their lead gen budget this year. 44% have kept it constant and the rest have decreased in on a year on year basis


B2B Lead Gen Stats Which is the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute?
Social media marketing, 49% marketers cite it as the most difficult to execute amongst all lead generation tactics


B2B Lead Gen Stats What is the typical conversion rate for a b2b lead generation program?
For majority of marketers 5-10% of qualified leads get converted


B2B Lead Gen Stats Outbound vs. inbound, which marketing paradigm is more effective in a b2b scenario for lead generation?
Inbound marketing (or content marketing) generates 62% more leads than traditional outbound marketing and costs 62% less


B2B Lead Gen Stats Does mobile marketing play a role in b2b lead generation?
Yes, 49% of b2b marketers heavily utilize mobile marketing for lead generation


Bonus: On an average b2b inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads
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