Succeed in the Future of Sales

By Neil Smith

Our contemporaries in sales often define the coming era as the era of sales rep. The sheer number of people engaged in improving the sales experience is a good indicator of the same. During a recent conference we came across some insights which are expected to define sales as a domain in the future.

Be customer obsessed – customers are the main ingredient for successful business. The effective way to engage customers is to meet them according to their convenience, when, where and how they want. Your sales approach should be tailored specifically according to the need of the customer, as each customer is unique. A focused approach not only creates opportunities for new business by predicting their future expectations but also helps you to build credibility and visibility in terms of new trends and technologies of the future. Customer obsession would help you to retain, acquire and grow your customer base.

Welcome to the cloud – cloud computing has opened an array of new opportunities and challenges. It has made possible for people to connect with services they want and the information they need. Companies are thus increasingly playing in the cloud. A company that’s learns how to listen to its customers and respond seamlessly will ultimately stand out as a winner. Don’t just anticipate your customers need, do so by using devices and channels your customers prefer.
Sales reps get their due – most CEOs now highlight ‘getting to know customers better’ as their number one priority. Early adapter companies would have already started investing in tools that put their customers and prospects in the core of their activities. Companies are increasingly getting fanatical about giving salespeople tools to interact with customers, something which good salespeople always wanted.

It’s a buyer’s market – information is equivalent to power even in a buyer-seller relationship. Earlier good sales reps focused on getting that information to the customer. Now however technology has eradicated that need to some extent. The balance of power is now on the customer side. Your customers now own your brand. Is such an era the need of an excellent sales rep is even more profound. You need selling skills to make up for any loss of the information based edge sellers had earlier.

New ways to connect – In the future sales reps will be instructed not to go after a customer who is not looking for a solution but to look out for the channels where the target customers are looking for the solution you’re providing. Gone would be the days of chasing no’s and trying to overcome objections. You’ll be empowered to offer resources to your customers that make them smarter and keep them connected to what they care about. Having to deal with boiling room selling environments would become a thing of the past.

Future of sales is all about providing a solution to the client depending on their needs. Being customer obsessed would help you acquire, retain and grow customers in this new era.

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