Stay Motivated and Focused When Cold Calling

Most sales people will rather endure a root canal then cold call.  In fact to quote a popular site  “Cold calling is one of the least liked tasks in sales. It’s emotionally demanding because receiving a cold sales call can bring out the worst in people…”

But yet most of the businesses demand cold calling. Confabulation over the phone without prior reference or warning is cold calling. Sometimes even unsolicited visits in person are forms of cold calling too. Being in the same walk of industry, I do get tired of calling people up only to find the worst of them hanging up the call rudely. So how does one keep going on?

  • The 1 hour rule – everybody likes to win, so why not treat the cold calling as a marathon and  challenge  yourself to commit that one hour to back-to back calls and then sojourn
  • Goal – set a goal and work  towards  achieving  that in the given time
  • Schedule – discipline is a form of proxy that earns the desired results. Set aside the same one hour on a calendar for next 3 weeks and consider it as an unbreakable appointment
  • Bulls Eye – calling at the right time can be 50 % more productive than calling at random times. Knowing the prospects time availability will increase your success almost immediately. Executives, for instance, are easier to reach early in the morning, say, from 7:00 onwards
  • To do first – make the calls habitually the first thing in the list of prioritization as opposed to procrastination on when!
  • List – know your bucket like the back of your hand, and prioritize the prospects. A set of 30-40 prospects’ should be written on a note-pad or paper along with their numbers. Begin at the top and start dialing
  • Impromptu – that’s the most callous approach to a call. Be prepared with your opening statement, which may need practice or a written sheet of paper. Objective here is to open the call like a boss!
  • Reward yourself – this definitely is worth it after that one hour of marathon, reward yourself with say a coffee. Whatever! Something..!
  • Contest – misery loves company. Let’s turn this occasionally tiring job into a competition with our colleagues. Have contest for dials, connects, presentations, leads or sales
  • Track Results – maintain a record of the conversations, dials etc. to calculate the consequent and in some time you will see the improvement in your performance without those extra overtime hours
  • Never say Never – quitting comes easy but along comes the shame and misery. Let’s try following the above and make cold calling a disciplined yet fun job

Next time you talk about the calls in the smoking zone. Talk about how you managed to beat your friend at the numbers game. Keep the spirits high and get calling!

Compiled by our sales star Anant. Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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