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    At AAyuja our approach to your marketing needs is different from that of traditional marketing outsourcing companies.
    Our rich experience of inside sales and technology sales has helped shape our understanding of needs of sales. We understand sales as a function especially with regards to marketing.
    We understand the complexities involved in your buying funnel and the need for a well defined marketing – sales handoff. A systematic lead management system has to be designed to ensure your lead bucket is not leaking. We help you setup lead scoring criterion and processes. Leads rejected by your sales team have to be further filtered and fed back as inputs to your marketing team for nurturing.
    Our offerings encompass our outsourced marketing and marketing consultancy services. Our team leverages on extensive industry expertise and best practices derived from over 13 years of technology sales experience constantly delivering high quality solutions at low cost.
    We help organizations be cost effective, profitable and competitive. We work as part of your marketing team and constantly help define business strategy onto marketing strategy and executable actions.
    Our B2B marketing services reduce your costs and overhead while improving efficiency and time to market – all while delivering superior results. We achieve this via a combination of well trained people, a truly global delivery model and advanced capabilities. When complimented by our rich experience across multiple industries it results in superior end to end delivery of the marketing services you need. As a strategic partner to your marketing team, we work to design and execute solutions to the marketing problems you face.
    More resources on when to outsource marketing and how to decide on a trusted partner are available in our library section Learn More>>

    Our Marketing Services
    AAyuja Demand Generation Services – Our demand generation services cover a broad spectrum of inbound and outbound marketing activities aimed at creating awareness about your company, product and industry. Learn More>>
    AAyuja Lead Nurturing Services – On an average 80% of leads at any given time won’t be ready for a sales call. Lead nurturing helps keeping your leads engaged with relevant content and timely conversations ultimately influencing them towards a buying decision. Learn More>>
    AAyuja Social Media Marketing Services – Social media is a valuable platform for finding qualified leads. More than half of marketers have agreed to have experienced lead generation benefits from their social efforts. Our social media offerings help you leverage this correlation between the time spent on social marketing and business partnerships. Learn More>>
    AAyuja Marketing Consulting – Wondering how to optimize your marketing efforts to drive results? We help evaluate your sales and marketing basics and using our domain expertise along with our unique exposure to both of those functions, chart out a marketing strategy that is in sync with your precise needs. Learn More>>
    AAyuja Content Services – All inbound marketing efforts are heavily depended on the quality of your content. We encourage you to setup an in-house content generation team. For cases wherein you would like your content generation to be outsourced we you can utilize our content creation services.  Learn More>>

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    I have been working with AAyuja for 6 months to achieve sales goals around new business acquisition. Their “can do” attitude and high degree of enthusiasm has allowed us to become successful in a short amount of time.

    Sr. Director of Sales
    at a Leading CDN Company
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