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    Companies today like to have a fierce focus on core differentiating competencies. The result is a growing number of functions previously handled internally are being outsourced to experts. The initial explosion in popularity of outsourcing was predominantly caused by the cost savings achieved. Now however we have reached a stage wherein being outsourced becomes more strategic and so do the benefits.
    What is Outsourced Marketing?
    Outsourcing your marketing allows you to tap into the resources of an entire marketing department.  It helps you take advantage of the skill and expertise of specialists without the overhead costs of additional employees. For a small to midsized company marketing outsourcing makes it possible to improve the overall quality of marketing efforts, save money and helps them keep focus on their core business. Their size doesn’t necessarily define what they need (in terms of capabilities), but rather how much. Beyond a certain point it might no longer make sense to use internal resources to manage marketing.
    As per the Harvard business review “companies usually outsource as the marketing departments have plenty of talented right-brain, creative types, they may lack the left-brain analytics needed to better understand their customers in today’s information-rich environment”.
    The outsourcing of marketing activities is catching on; in fact, in a recent poll of marketing executives, 53 percent reported plans to outsource most of their marketing activities.

    Benefits of outsourcing marketing

    • Improved organization focus on core competencies
    • Access to a higher quality talent pool
    • Negates need for an in-house team, reducing overheads in terms of time and money
    • Decreased dependencies on multiple specialist agencies
    • More focused marketing efforts
    • Improved speed of response to changing market conditions
    • Better marketing performance evaluation
    AAyuja’s marketing outsourcing services diminish your costs and overhead all the while improving marketing efficiency and speed to market.

    Come explore and experience the power of marketing outsourcing with our marketing services.

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