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    An Outsourced Sales Team

    Sales outsourcing is growing in volume and influence. Companies of all sizes, and for such varied reasons as ramping up sales, lowering deployment costs, limited availability of management bandwidth or a management team with no sales competency, are outsourcing sales.
    An outsourced inside sales team helps your company to

    • Expand market coverage and access distribution channels quickly
    • Access the best sales skills
    • Provide tactical activity and long-term strategic support
    • Increase your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities thereby increasing company’s revenues
    • Provide critical support to an expanding product portfolio
    • Respond quickly to short-term opportunities or competitor activities
    • Avoid routine tasks that do not add any value to sales performance
    • Avoid fully loaded cost of employing, training and deploying sales teams
    In uncertain business environments, outsourced sales resources are a major boon. Especially in the technology industry, companies that are undergoing rapid change may need to avoid hiring and firing costs. These are times when deal sizes tend to get smaller, margins are squeezed, and there are pressures to deliver, boost revenues and maintain profitability. It is for all of these reasons that an outsourced sales team can be the perfect solution.
    Our passion for inside sales coupled with our superior technical expertise and vast experience in managing virtual sales teams means our team is ready to help you rise up to any kind of sales challenge you might be faced with.
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    Sales Outsourcing by Aayuja

    Our Virtual Sales Team

    Our inside sales teams are utilized by some of the largest companies of the world on one end and by small startups or virtual companies looking to buy (not build) a sales team on the other. For some we are their entire sales team for others just one critical portion of an overall sales strategy.
    AAyuja isn’t just a short term solution for your sales challenges but an integrated member of your sales efforts!


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    sales augmentation with us.

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    I have been working with AAyuja for 6 months to achieve sales goals around new business acquisition. Their “can do” attitude and high degree of enthusiasm has allowed us to become successful in a short amount of time.

    Sr. Director of Sales
    at a Leading CDN Company
    Outsource Sales With Aayuja
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