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    Inside Sales Outsourcing

    Inside sales is professional sales done remotely.  Its remote sales powered by what we now call a ‘virtual sales’ team.
    More and more companies are turning from a field sales model to an inside sales model. These days inside sales reps work independently and directly close deals via web or voice. A key HBR study has found that over the past two years 46% companies have reported a shift from field based sales to inside sales.  This shift more often than not is enabled by specialist inside sales companies.

    Why are companies turning to inside sales?

    • Competitive pressure to cut costs
    • Increase in comfort level of buyers with regards to collaborating and purchasing remotely; more and more buyers these days prefer methods like social media, email and conference calls over face to face communication for certain sales tasks
    • Advent of advanced tools like videoconferences and online webinars enable creation of customer intimacy with the need of actual field interaction

    What are the results of a transition to inside sales?

    • Reduced sales costs per contact and increase in number of contacts per day
    • Flexibility to scale up/ down the size of sales team as per market scenarios
    • Faster response times for customers
    • Increased effectiveness due to industry, sales activity based specialization
    • Overall sales costs reduced by 40-60% relative to field sales
    Our passion for B2B inside sales coupled with our superior expertise and vast experience means our team is ready to help you rise up to any kind of sales challenge you might be faced with.
    Our inside sales teams are utilized by some of the largest companies of the world on one end and by small startups or virtual companies looking to buy (not build) a sales team on the other. For some we are their entire sales team for others just one critical portion of an overall sales strategy.

    AAyuja isn’t just a short term solution for your sales challenges but an integrated member of your sales efforts!

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    I have been working with AAyuja for 6 months to achieve sales goals around new business acquisition. Their “can do” attitude and high degree of enthusiasm has allowed us to become successful in a short amount of time.

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