Target List Management

AAyuja uses research, logic and industry-leading qualification-methods including the DFCS (Dig, Find, Call, Score) Theory to give your team a well constructed, easy-to-refer and an updated targeted marketing list.
Our Team’s Marketing Strategy & Methods
  • Can generate target-lists by filtering through in-bound leads from your website
  • Populate contact names and info from leads generated through web forms
  • Can dig up accurate information about these leads and create valid contacts for your team
  • Gather critical intelligence like; funding information, revenue levels, number of employees and branches etc
  • Allow you to understand the business account before you even make a call
These strategies ensure that you understand your prospect well, establish a good connect with them, and gain from a process which will greatly increase the probability of closing deals from your team.
Remember! Poor management of sales target-lists has the greatest negative impact on ROI.

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We have been clients since mid-2010. In that time we have been engaged in a number different types of projects.
Your team has reliable achieved what we have set out to do, and always seems focused on the goal. At the core of the relationship is the project management that you provide.
Your diligence and professionalism in managing the relationship as well as the many details you keep track of on your side make AAyuja a real partner for us.
Thanks for all the good work.
Director of Marketing of a US based leading provider
Cloud-based Contact center Solutions Company
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