Social Media Marketing

    As we move towards buyer driven purchase cycles your probability as a brand of being the final choice of your prospects increases if you are able to touch base with them during the awareness and consideration stages. Social media platforms offer B2B organizations this opportunity and as a result have become critical elements of almost all strategic B2B marketing initiatives.
    There are effective and ineffective ways of harnessing the power of social media. Your social media strategy has to be grounded in the goals and objectives of your organization. Your brand strategy and communication tactics are frameworks around which it has to be molded.
    We at AAyuja understand the importance of in synced marketing efforts across mediums and the importance of coherent communications. The social media marketing service at AAyuja is designed to aid your company boost incoming leads, nurture old leads and aim for an overall increase in brand visibility.

    Be selective about the social media vehicles you choose to be on!
    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare …there are a plethora of social media platforms out there with more being added on a daily basis. Does it make sense for your brand to be present on all of them?
    Treat each social media vehicle as a separate entity during strategy formulation stage
    Every social media platform has a certain audience base. The outlook of your audience while browsing through them also differs.  So why should your expectations from various platforms be same?
    Create content tailored to each platform
    Each successful social media platform has its own preferred content format and syntax. Your content should be tailored to meet those requirements and shine within them.

    Critical components of a good B2B social media marketing program:

    • Audience Identification
    • Community Identification
    • Editorial Development
    • Content Creation
    • Reporting and Analysis
    For a discussion on how our social media marketing services can help your company grow.
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