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    Our 24/7 Sales Chat program is an efficient way to interact with incoming leads, pique their interest, and transform casual visitors into repeat customers.
    Benefits of our 24/7 Sales chat service:
    • This is a cost-effective tool to engage with online customers and prospects (such a system attracts especially, ‘hot’ visitors to your website/ post an email /participate in offline campaigns)
    • Proactive click-to-chat non-intrusive programs result in higher lead-to-sale conversions
    • Compared to outbound programs, which generate 3-10% of lead-conversion, sales-chats generally convert over 30% of chats into potential leads
    • By resolving issues immediately, our sales chat service creates a positive impression, resulting in shorter sales process for your sales team
    • You can increase your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increasing your company’s revenues
    • Our chat service allows sales agents to multi-task, resulting in efficiency and providing excellent customer service without hindering the customer’s experience
    • A live chat is geographically widespread and is a better alternative to telephones (esp. in the tech industry)
    AAyuja can manage the entire sales/customer-service chat feature on your website, with our sales experts monitoring / responding to inquiries in real-time.

    AAyuja Trial Program
    is a low-risk, no-hassle way,
    to experience
    sales augmentation with us.

    US: +1.980.2.AAYUJA (+1.980.222.9852)
    IN: +91.80.41706162


    Overall, I am very happy with our working relationship. Your regular communication is very helpful and your willingness to work with us is excellent.

    Head of Sales
    US – based RFID and Sensor Network Technology Company
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