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    • Creative was one of the first companies to launch a portable hard drive based mp3 player or more commonly a device of the category we now commonly know as iPod
    • Kodak, the erstwhile giant we all feel went out of sync with the times was the inventor of the digital camera in 1975
    Just having a great product/ service doesn’t always work especially if you tend to suffer from marketing myopia or bad positioning. In a fast evolving technology market where it’s easier then ever to replicate products and services swiftly, a well crafted marketing strategy can help your brand stand out.

    Our marketing consulting services are designed help you:

    • Position your offering appropriately in the market
    • Understand the needs of your organization viz a viz marketing
    • Setup your marketing goals along with a proposed marketing vertical structure and strategy
    Market Analysis – Our team spends time studying your product, the market you serve in terms of segments and people. We try and understand the status of this market and of the product category your product or service operates in. Effort is made to gain insights into typical buying scenarios for your offerings and also to analyze your competition.  From your brand positioning to distribution and sales channels, we take a holistic view towards your business and try to pinpoint key business drivers for you.
    Marketing Audit – The AAyuja team performs a complete audit of your current marketing efforts including your website and other modes of communication like social media handles. The website audit is comprehensive and covers factors like ease of navigation to emphasis on permission marketing to user flow maps. Calls to action, individual page content and landing pages all are analyzed utilizing data from your analytics platform. The ultimate aim is to provide you concrete recommendations for the website to enrich the experience of visitors and help you generate more leads. We also lay emphasis on your social media and blog based marketing efforts.
    Marketing Strategy – Basis our findings we formulate a new inbound/ content marketing funnel for your needs. The three pillars we build this on are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and blogging. We may also suggest you to utilize email marketing or PPC campaigns based on the scenario and key objectives to be met.
    Measuring performance and analytics – We believe all your marketing efforts must be within the framework of highly quantified result areas and for every penny you spend on marketing you should be able to identify the resultant ROI. As the final step in our consulting process we help you setup performance metrics and measurement process to enable you get full clarity on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
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    I have been working with AAyuja for 6 months to achieve sales goals around new business acquisition. Their “can do” attitude and high degree of enthusiasm has allowed us to become successful in a short amount of time.

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