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    According to MarketingSherpa’s B2B marketing benchmark report; over 61% companies don’t have a sales lead qualification team. A well setup lead qualification program has several critical business benefits.
    • Drives efficiency by better prioritization of leads – qualifying prospects as hot or low-probability or no-buyers
    • Ensures faster response times – over 90% business buyers are impressed when a company contacts them the same day of them having initiated a conversation. 58% of decision makers react favorably to the first company that responds to them. Lead qualification helps in sales pipeline management and by handling time‐consuming, advanced level work of evaluating prospects
    • Deliver focused productivity – our team sets up meaningful meetings and appointments for your sales team to close leading to shorter sales cycles and fewer wasted sales hours at your end
    B2B lead conversion costs are on continuous rise. A large part of your investments in your sales funnel often goes to waste on unattended leads. AAyuja’s opportunity qualification services can make sure you get the best return for each dollar spent on generating and converting leads.
    How can you grow your team to gain a lion’s share of the market?
    AAyuja employs a tech‐savvy highly qualified inside‐sales team with expertise in selling technology products across verticals. During the cource of our sales lead qualification service our team works as an extension of your sales team. We qualify leads, set up meetings and appointments for your sales team to help you optimize the utilization of your lead pipeline. We add value to your sales efforts by conducting research, helping in lead‐generation; opportunity qualification, and setting up next‐level calls.
    The edge your business gets would be obvious to your sales executives who would see the additional value we bring in as our teams, quickly wrap up the smaller but the essential tying‐up that your best sales folks wouldn’t have the time for, and rightly shouldn’t be involved in.
    Our lead qualification services in action
    With the advent of Cloud‐based computing and SaaS offerings, the high‐tech industry has evolved to adapt result‐oriented sales models like MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and pay‐as‐you‐go. This puts added pressure on you sales team to close deals. One of our clients, a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider had a large number of inbound leads being generated as a result of marketing efforts. However they were not getting followed up leading to sub optimal closures. Our team was able to qualify over 600 hot leads within the first year of partnership leading to enhanced overall sales productivity and revenue for the client.

    Don’t waste your time chasing dead‐end leads.

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    We appreciate the time and effort from AAyuja in qualifying the lead for us. AAyuja asks the correct questions to gain as much information as they can from the prospective leads. The information we need is complete with no gaps. AAyuja shows the potential to be a long lasting vendor to us.

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