Lead Nurturing

    Lead Management & Nurturing

    • A small proportion (around 27%) of your B2B leads are sales ready when you first log them in
    • These early stage leads that are often ignored, discarded or lost represent at times represent around 40 -70 percent of potential sales
    The importance of a well crafted lead nurturing program can’t be overlooked. If you don’t have a well defined nurturing program for your early stage leads then you may be missing out on a large chuck of future opportunities.
    Our B2B lead nurturing service gives you an edge over competition – 65% of B2B businesses don’t yet have a lead nurturing program in place. We nourish your non-sales-ready leads with highly relevant content tailored to their needs until their interest in buying has risen above a certain threshold.
    Content Services
    Our lead nurturing service intends to deliver content that’s of sufficient value and interest to the prospects via various channels like personalized email marketing and business blogging. We work with you to create this content that will interest leads spread across various stages of the buying cycle. From videos, whitepapers to webinars and guides that help them solve key problems we’ll keep your leads engaged till they are ready to talk to your sales team. Learn More>>
    Email Marketing
    We at AAyuja believe that lead nurturing is much more than simply adding contacts to a newsletter distribution list. It is the processes of building relationship and trust with prospects. Our approach is to enable your prospects to have a fluid ongoing dialogue with you and show your genuine interest in their business. Our team at AAyuja is adept at the entire process from program planning to execution, ongoing management and analysis. Learn More>>

    Ready to experience a lead nurturing program that results in:

    • Connected conversations aimed at building trust
    • Stronger and faster sales pipelines
    • Superior lead to wins ratios

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    AAyuja is a fantastic team to work with. They are very professional and really understand customer service, and how to go-to-market. The company has a very strong work ethic and is truly a 24×7 organization. When you work with the AAyuja team, you are really getting new team members who embrace your vision for building a great technology company, and that passion shines through into the work they do. The people at AAyuja are smart, communicate very well, and are eager to learn and put their learnings into action. I would highly recommend the AAyuja team for any technology company that wants to help scale their business and generate more revenue.

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