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    Effective and steady B2B lead generation is a different process than deal closing and requires specific skill sets. We help our clients sales teams focus on what they do best – closing deals while we equip and support them with highly customized leads. Our IT lead generation services ensure that your team spends more time meeting qualified prospects rather than looking for them. Other benefits of our best in class lead generations services include:
    • Reduced employee training, turnover and capital costs – our team of lead generation and appointment setting specialists eradicate need for development of in-house lead generation teams. Our pay as you need services help you get the best ROI without additional overheads of a fixed size team, helping you reduce firing and hiring costs
    • Reduced costs of client acquisition – with your in-house sales team focused on closing deals our team of appointment setters and telemarketing lead generation agents seamlessly represent your company and build a steady pipeline of new sales leads
    • Access to high quality sales leads – our expertise lies in technology (IT) sales. Our team has rich inside sales experience of over 7 years. Our sales reps are experienced professionals hired after a multi stage process. Dedicated quality assurance (QA) mechanisms ensure your company gets the best talent to work as an extension of your sales team. This results in a high on quality lead pipeline built by the AAyuja team for you on a month on month basis
    Outsourced Lead generation
    • Every 7 out of 10 businesses say generating high quality leads is their biggest challenge
    • Outsourced lead generation gives better results than in-house by as much as 43% as per a recent study
    AAyuja’s B2B lead generation services are focused on improving the efficiency and ROI of your sales and marketing initiatives. We help organizations create more sales leads and help them accelerate revenue by targeting and nurturing relevant decision makers. Our outsourced lead generation services help clients convert leads to actual sales using aids like telesales, event and whitepaper promotions and appointment setting.
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    One area that was very helpful to us was the ability to find and get into our Salesforce database target companies that were not yet on the “generally available” list sources. It gave us an advantage of getting to the prospect first.

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