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    A successful email marketing campaign has to be carefully managed from conception to final deployment. Companies at time find their in house efforts lagging when it comes to rolling out such campaigns. If you factor in time, resources and other overheads that go in towards creation of an in-house campaign, hiring an email marketing services firm is often a more efficient way out.
    Our team at AAyuja has the required technical and marketing expertise to power and manage your email campaigns. Our email marketing services encompass managed campaigns, HTML based designs, creation of landing pages, list cleanup and upload. All supported by superior real time tracking and reporting. Our campaign management service team follows the latest best practices to ensure your mailers render properly across email clients, platforms and ISPs.
    Email marketing is an important ingredient of our demand generation and lead nurturing services. Superior content delivered in an efficient attractive manner helps you form connections with your prospects, helping them progress along your buying cycle.
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    I have been working with AAyuja for 6 months to achieve sales goals around new business acquisition. Their “can do” attitude and high degree of enthusiasm has allowed us to become successful in a short amount of time.

    Sr. Director of Sales
    at a Leading CDN Company
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