Demand Generation

    In today’s era buyers have access to information more than ever before. Hence Instead of bombarding prospects with marketing messages efforts must be made to understand buyer needs and facilitate their decision making process. This is where a strategic and well executed demand generation program can help.
    A good demand generation program focuses not only on the product or service but also on your industry. To start with an effort is made to understand buyer interest areas, levels and stages. This is often done by analyzing their online behavior. Our demand generation service is based on three main pillars:
    • Superior content – publishing and sharing of relevant and timely content in places where your buyers are likely to be Learn More>>
    • Focused reach campaigns – campaigns which act as delivery tools for relevant content. Whether its emails and newsletters sent to highly segmented lists Learn More>> or pay per click campaigns (PPC) Learn More>>
    • Better visibility on search engines – a combination of well strategized content on your website, paid search and on page optimizations all designed to make your site one of the first landing grounds for your prospective customers Learn More>>
    AAyuja’s demand generation services encompass several marketing activities that help create awareness around your product/ service and company. We utilize a mix of both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. The result often is a highly structured marketing program interlaced with sales process.
    Challenge of Symphony

    All these activities in symphony are sure to have the desired effect on your demand generation efforts. The challenge is to ensure such scenarios on a consistent basis. AAyuja’s team of experienced marketers and social media managers work with you to help create and deliver a highly synced and effective demand generation program as per your needs at fraction of the costs.

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