Account Management

    Strategic Account Management ensures…

    • High probability of repeat business and up-sell opportunities
    • Constant revenue stream from existing customers
    • Your sales team focuses on winning new customers
    • Increased ROI
    The value of a customer retained is double the value of a customer gained.
    Providing good after-sales service to your customers is a big challenge, as expressed by most Heads of Sales.
    In every organization, sales teams are built around and focused on sales. The task of managing business accounts or relationships is the domain of Accounts or Relationship management teams.
    We have specialists who understand the complexities of managing successful high-value relationships and additionally, our teams add value by closing current deals for your firm, renewing and re-negotiating contracts, up-selling and seeking references.
    Our team understands the value of continued business and a customer managed-well.

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    sales augmentation with us.

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    AAyuja has proven to be a great partner for us. The fact that they are external to our organization is not apparent. They are treated as a part of our own sales team and work closely with us in pursuing our long- term goals.

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