Selecting the Right Images for Your B2B Blog

The right picture for your B2B BlogGet ready to panic! What if we told you that all your efforts onto handpicking words and context for a blog or article can go in vain if you land up selecting the wrong picture to describe your write-up? A picture is certainly worth a thousand words but a wrong picture can cost you way more than thousand bucks on clicks & visibility of your blog. The incorporation of correct snaps is of par importance as that of the words and context of the article. One of the first things that a reader sees after looking at the heading is the Image, which is the depiction of the whole story. It acts as the prime element for your blog to be read or to be avoided.

After all this is the age of appreciation for presenters with high aesthetic sense. Here are a few tips to take care while selecting the most befitting picture for your blog that will fetch you more views and engagement.

Use of Images in B2B Blogging 

Place it simple and sensible
Google might give an array of options to select from the keywords you type in for your topic, but we can’t really add in all those options in our post. Pick out the ones which are in closest relevance to your topic and which are easy to comprehend when you look at them, they give a sense of simplicity not only for the picture itself but also the whole blog and creates interest in the reader to go from visual understanding to contextual understanding

Play off beat
The picture you choose should be catchy, in order to make it attractive. It might sound contradictory to what we have mentioned above, but these both points are different in the sense of meaning. You need to choose a picture which is simple yet attractive. And still does not give out the whole story of the write-up. E.g.: If you are writing a blog on friendship, instead of selecting a picture which is a cliché symbol, you can try using animal figures for depicting the same. This not only makes it simple, it also makes it off beat and attractive

The whole visual effect of the presentation depends on the picture quality of the pick you make. The resolution, effects, contrast, pixels, etc. everything has to be considered. It may be the best suited picture but all the credibility is lost if it’s not high quality. On the contrary it might be a spoiler for the post

The right picture for B2B Blog

Optimized for various screen sizes
There are different modes for viewing the same content, not only desktops but also tablets and smart-phones. So while selecting the picture you also have to consider how is it going to look like on the other devices, as the screen sizes are different. It the picture is too small, the text will overlay it and vice-verse. This is a vital consideration to take care of so that the readability of the article is high not only on laptops but other means as-well

Adding a personal touch is the best way to hit the nail on head, let your customers know you better and more closely. Add your own pictures clicked by cell phones e.g. pictures of your workstation, a trade-show you attended, company outing photos. All this has to be congruent to the topic. Instead of adding graphical images using personal images can add a lot of value and warmth to your blog

Be funny and interesting
Though the pictures we choose are very subjective to the topic but adding a little bit of humor isn’t a bad deal after all. It will only do some good. If the topic you are writing on is easy going and funny itself then this approach works well and fits in, but in-case the topic you are writing on is a grave one, do not hesitate adding in a dash of humor to it through a picture that is funny and interesting as this helps in keeping the readers gripped as well

We hope that by using these ideas your blogs and write ups become more gripping and interesting for your readers. Place the right image and see what changes occur in your followings.

Please do leave in your experiences and comments and help us explore more.

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