Security Issues with Social Media Marketing

One of the challenges all companies face when marketing via social networking/bookmaking websites are issues with security and users submitting and promoting private content online. This threat holds especially true for B2B firms where clients may want work being done for them kept confidential for a wide variety of reasons.

Hence, it is important for any company using social media marketing to drive sales that all employees are educated on proper use of these websites and what content is OK to promote and what content needs to remain private. You need to show employees that the same rules which generally apply to company security also apply when posting online.

While social media marketing can help drive sales, if posts or features contain specific information about clients, it can help detract from your business. Potential clients may have certain standards of confidentiality they hope to keep with their vendors and if they see sensitive information about previous and current clients posted online, they may be hesitant to work with your firm.

These security issues are prevalent across all forms of marketing communication you use online, both in the public domain through your presence on various social networking websites, your blog, and more, and in the private domain whether it be e-mail, chat, or phone conversations.

It is important to establish a set of guidelines outlining general rules and regulations for all employees when sharing content online. I have created a sample outline and pasted it below.

Company’s Guidelines for Social Media and Online Communication

These guidelines are meant to how what Company Name employees can or cannot post when sharing content online, whether it be through their blogs, Twitter or Facebook accounts, or via some other medium. We expect all employees who engage in sharing content online to strictly adhere to these policies.

When sharing content via social bookmarking or networking websites:

  1. Always state your affiliation with the company as full disclosure
  2. Post meaningful useful insights which add to the current conversation
  3. Adhere to Company’s NDAs and Security Agreements
  4. Communicate in a polite manner
  5. Share your experiences and opinions, but do not defame the company or any individual in the company by name
  6. Use and communicate in your own voice and indicate that your opinions may not be those of Company as a whole
  7. Take responsibility for what you write and report any instances of potential abuse/poor judgment immediately
  8. If in doubt whether it is OK to post something, DO NOT post it until gaining approval of your senior managers or security advisors
  9. Generate excitement and interest in what is currently happening with Company and the industry as a whole
  10. Stay within the guidelines of every website that you may use

Disclaimer: These are merely suggestions. We are not providing any legal advice here and you should always consult a fully trained legal professional before creating or agreeing to any contracts.

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