Sales Strategy for Underdogs

By Neil Smith

The difference between winning and losing is the strategy. History has shown us time and again how a David utilizing the right approach is able to knock Goliath off his feet. Similarly if positioned the right way, a well formed small team can take on a much bigger enemy. And all of this is possible due to a well planned strategy.

In Sales, the direct strategy is a full frontal assault, in which the customer is convinced to buy based on the product features and business benefits.  On the other hand, an indirect strategy is based on intelligence, flair and an element of surprise. Some principles which help constitute an indirect strategy are highlighted below.

The first impression: Often the first impression is the last impression.  Before we sell our company’s services, we need to sell ourselves to the prospect.  We are the face of the company to the prospect, so we first need to project ourselves as a brand, and everything else falls in line.

Rectify my pain: Every prospect reaches out to a vendor due to some pain points. But most of the time, the prospect is not able to isolate the real cause behind the pain point.  We can play a very effective role here by helping the prospect identify the real cause for his pain. It all starts with the inclination to help, and if we can be keen on solving the prospect’s pain points, they never will ask for testimonials or references.

Be in control: A Sales superstar is always in control of the entire sales process. They are never caught off guard when asked questions about the company, or be it case studies or previous success stories. The flow is never lost in the conversation, and they do not hesitate to push back when required. One of the key things to always avoid is to sound desperate.

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