Sales: Five point someone?

Be it research, product development, engineering, or marketing, we all need that end result… which of course is Sales. It’s a fact that it takes considerable amount of time and effort to build your reputation in the market, especially “NOW “when having a monopoly is like a mirage, you rarely see it but at the end of the day, numbers on the board is what matters, that’s what makes us a happy salesperson!

You may have heard these 5 tips several times in your career but the truth is – the golden rules never change, it can only be revitalized, enriched or improved. So let’s go through them one more time, shall we?

  1. It’s about you! : When the customer buys your services, it’s very critical to remember that the customer is buying you first. What you are saying about the product/service, how you are representing the company, how thorough you are with the industry and the product. So focus on building your brand first, put that extra effort in knowing what you are going to sell, and then whatever you sell sells with you!
  2. Why should the prospect buy your services? : There are a hundred other people selling the same service as you, with more or less similar features. So why should they choose you? It’s a fact that you need to position your service or product in such a way that it creates a need for them, so much that it no longer remains a need…. It becomes a want. The rest, as they say, will follow.
  3. Probing matters: You must have heard this before ”a problem well stated is a problem half solved”! Don’t stop asking those questions. The more you enquire, the closer you come to their real issue. One important thing to remember while you are giving a demo to your prospect; Tailor it to your prospect’s requirements. Do not take them out on a “harbor tour”, when all you need is to demonstrate that part of your services that will help resolve their pain points. And this happens by asking the right questions…all the time!
  4. Success Stories: Be proud of sharing all those success stories, compliments, testimonials and accolades that you have earned over the past while talking to your prospect. There will be instances that are similar to your present prospects’, where suggesting something out of the box would have resolved their issues. Have faith, as they say, “History repeats itself”!
  5. Put your elbow grease in data collection: Data matters…a lot. Strategists all over the world have managed to come up with suggestions, conclusions, win debates and even wars…Yes wars! And all based on data. All they did was put their relentless effort in researching. A company which does not encourage it’s employees to do their research and analysis cannot create success stories. So read a lot, gather data, think and act.

I have seen it over and over again, if we put these basics tips in practice, we can come up from ground zero. If you already have been doing what I just talked about, you are creating worthwhile stories. However, if you are not…Better late than never!

Happy selling


  1. I would like to add this..We should always understand our customer or prospects we talk to on a daily basis,we deal with high level managers,Ceo’s,vice president,IT managers and so on.We need to talk what the customers or the prospects wants to know or listen not what we know.”The best thing of any sales or marketing is to know your customer as every sales has a different level,once you know the level of marketing…”Success is in your hands”

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