They don’t meow, they don’t bow
They think with their paws
Purring successfully in their rack of clouds

They are always wearing their thinking cap
Yes, that’s where the Sales Cats’ are at.

The eyes are quick to see
How your apps can gain security

They know their gimmicks
From a bottomless bag of tricks
Just away from a single or a double click

Dollars, Euros and Pounds
This is all where they want to pounce

Roaming in the streets and alleys
Geared with their knowledge of technology

Sales cats are everywhere
They are fearless of a dare
A little stress doesn’t give them a scare
Neither does a threat to their software

They’re always filled with positivity
Brainwaves emitting creativity

Loves his clients, loves his master
If you know cats, you know
They stay here forever after

Never on a low
Because the Sales cats knows
Which way they want to go

-Contribution from a sales rep


  1. This one reminds me of a few songs I wrote with Third Dimension (my rock band from graduation days in Mangalore/ Manipal). It was all fun & pure entertainment, but never thought of a Sales Cat ;0) This one inspires me to re-innovate my lost journey with music while adding some sales flavour to it!

    To the sales rep who wrote it – This is a great start, stay along the same course & continue to improvise. I’m sure you had fun creating this piece. Now some wisdom: The line – ”Loves his clients, loves his master” suggests it’s a Tom cat. I would’ve gone for the greater global appeal, sometimes keeping it generic helps you get the fan base spreading equally ;0); unless this was intentional to tap the targeted audience.

    Anyway, there’s always a continuous feeling inside that I should have improvised my own songs before they were played live, recorded & published. But the best part is the feeling of creating something new right from scratch. Its very similar to how one discovers a new prospect and drives them to close… The satisfaction is like a new deal where not everything is perfect but it is still worth your effort.
    That gets me to think does improvisation mean Client Relationship management?! ;0) Lagey raho…..

  2. Great job.its a good ice breaker,sales persons are not scum of the earth,tom cat is real inspiring one which will boost someones inborn capabilities without sales man the whole economy system will collapse,they are the reason keeps it running,The day they close the deal everyone opens their books.keep the good work wish u all the best.

  3. An interesting piece. Tickles the intellect. And I agree with sam, sales persons although annoying make things tick in the economy 😉

  4. To the sales rep who wrote it – Great work !

    Reminded me of my sales days ! I suddenly miss sales so much !

    Sales is actually the backbone of a business/company and is an often misunderstood and underrated skill esp in India.

    what I loved most about sales is the freedom that came with it, and the option to be creative in selling. The exposure to different people , to identify the need and to be able to serve that need and to get incentive for it is a great achievement.

    Borrowed Quote ” “Selling is not a sideshow, a pesky obligation apart from the real business of finance, law, or accounting. It is business in gorgeous Technicolour.” Sales is a “human practice.” To be a success in sales requires skills and traits that aren’t solely useful in that particular job, but also essential for success in life”.

    All the best !

  5. Love it!really had to read it twice to actually get it..the writer appears to b extremely passionate abt his/her work and rather smug abt being a sales ‘cat’.Oh and I agree sales cats are very very creative..I’d know owe my very light wallet to them..evvvvveeery month 😉
    Good job keep it comin

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