Sales 101: Career in technology sales

So you have set your sights on a career in technology sales, Cheers! You have crossed one threshold. However, there always lies a gulf between setting a goal and actually achieving it. We have frequently been asked a question in this context, how does one go about developing a career in technology sales? Well this is what we suggest:

Evolve with technology: It’s very important to keep yourself in tune with the latest trends in the industry. If your interest is in cloud computing, following blogs from the industry leaders is really helpful. You can take this to the next level by studying about buzzwords that keep the industry going, attending webinars, and following the stars of the field on social media.

Do your homework: Identify a set of companies that you would love to work for. Then follow them on social media, keep a tab on news and mentions both on and offline. Understand their wins and concerns. This would also help you in identifying any opportunities/ openings within the company.

Know thy product/ service inside out: When you get an opportunity for a discussion with the company, try to deduce as much as you can about their business model, the product or service they sell etc. Try and memorize the company’s motto, their mission, vision and values. Knowing about their domain will get your brownie points; remember, you are in their territory. Your curiosity to know more will add value to your resume as well.

Success Stories: Never shy away from telling your success stories. The more you talk about your previous successful records, wins and customer testimonials, the more credible you will be to your prospect. However, remember to keep it short and sweet!

Mould your personality: The best sales people ask relevant questions and listen to the answers to assess a customer’s wants and to see how they can fill their needs. You’ll sell more if you listen and respond to what you hear, not trying to convince customers to buy based on your notions of their needs.

There are a lot of tips to be shared here, feel free to do so using the comments below!


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