The Inside Sales Factsheet – The inside sales factsheet highlights some important statistics pertaining to inside sales right from the average team mixture (between inside and outside sales) to the growth rate of inside sales as a vertical. We also make an attempt to showcase the differences in daily tasks performed between an inside sales rep and an outside sales rep.


    Sales Playbook Essentials -Looking to write a sales playbook so that you can capture sales best practices and communicate them to sales people? Sales Playbook Essentials is designed to help you create a sales playbook that describes what a salesperson should do in different situations. Although a playbook is not a substitute for training, yet it’s a valuable tool that your reps could use to recall and implement best practices in real-time.


    Defining Sales Leads -To build an effective lead generation strategy your foundations must be solid starting with what constitutes a lead? Every organization has a custom definition of what’s a lead and moreover what’s a good lead. If you don’t know yours, lead generation 101 is where you need to begin. The Defining Sales Leads eBook helps you kick start your lead generation the right way!


    B2B Lead Generation Manual – Most b2b businesses highlight two problems when it comes to lead generation: generating leads – 78% sales leaders currently face this problem and generating quality leads – 61% sales leaders currently face this challenge. These statistics make b2b lead generation seem like an arduous task. And they are not far from the truth! Lead generation is one of the most vital stages of your sales cycle and yet one which most businesses often fail to optimize. To plug in these strategy gaps, we have created a brief B2B Lead Generation Manual born out of our experience with our clients.


    Insource or Outsource Inside Sales – How do you think technology companies structured their sales teams last year? Hint: 53% of all sales departments were powered by inside sales. In terms of quota attainment numbers inside sales reps were better placed then their outer sales counterparts (85% vs. 81%). If you haven’t considered inside sales or find your inside sales team consistently falling short of expectations, you are failing to harness a power that has been working for your competitors and peers in a big way. We have created a primer to help technology companies decide whether to insource or outsource inside sales functions. To know more download the eBook.

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