Nine Free Must Use Twitter Tools

Must use twitter toolsLove it or hate it but you simply cannot ignore it! Welcome to the world of twitter, our favorite network for mocking people. Consider what happened with Manchester City when they came up with the following promotion.

Manchester city joke

Needless to say twitter is a heavily used medium both by brands and individuals alike. In fact twitter has around 271 million active monthly users sending a total of 500 million tweets a day!

Using any social media network involves several stages:

  • Content creation
  • Posting
  • Analytics
  • User management

With the increasing maturity of social media as an evolved channel of communication, now there are tools that can help you at each juncture of the process. You have tools which help you create content in a swift manner. There are others which help you post this content at just the right time and track your online interactions. Then there are tools that analyze your online presence to determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Lastly we have tools that help you manage people added on to your accounts. This may seem like a simple task but it is a vital one especially when it comes to world of twitter. On Twitter identifying and following the right people (and at the same time un-following spam bots etc.) can make all the difference with regards to the reach of your posts.

The following presentation highlights nine such tools that are utilized by our team to manage our Twitter handles. And did we mention most of them are free!

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