Monday Blues!

Inertia – That undeniable state of sluggishness with which one seems to display 
general reluctance to live, almost post Sunday noon till they are done with the
first tea break on Monday. (Appalling is the number of people who seem to
think thus. Ever tried Googling or FBing this? They seem to hate Mondays more
than they welcome Saturdays). We shall leave out the rich tribute of words
paid to respective managers, co-workers or bosses during this phase, to one’s

Did we just change the “physics” of the classic definition? (The moneyman in me
just read that “cheer you up on Monday” greeting cards are a multi-million dollar
business!) Well! RIP Newton – apparently you spoke psychology and “soothsaid”
the reason for half the problems in the world today when you defined “resistance
to change”.

I wont tread upon the many studies I had to undertake on why people hate
Mondays. It ranged from “BOSS” to “getting back to mundane work and slogging
it through the next 5 days to keep your job on to pay your bills”.

That is if your profession is your means of a living.

But not so when what you are at your workplace is your “everyday state of
being”. My work is an extension of what I did, right from when I was a kid –
Proving to my dad on why I wanted a better cycle, why I needed a raise in my
pocket money, why my mom also needed a pet as much as I did, why one should
also be allowed ice cream for breakfast, why my teacher shouldn’t write to my
parents on my performance (ok this was just on that one occasion), attempting
conversation with that scary looking neighbor to get another buyer for biscuits
from my school sale.

I am a sales person. (Married – there you go. That’s the merit and the sympathy).
I know every product or service I sell alleviates some pain point somewhere or
it muscles a process elsewhere. My customers know I am a call away always and
vest in my sale.

Sales is more than how to cover costs, make profit, when to pedal the gas, when
to lend a patient ear or soothe emotions. You grew up with it – the logic, the
analytics and the interpersonal skills. And yet it was the conviction and poise,
which made it your choice of profession. You build trust, sell, create win-win
situations and make lasting relationships – at home, at work. You continue to be
who you are – it’s just that places and transactions differ.

To all my colleagues and fellow sales friends – you know what I mean when I
say “What Monday blues?

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