Mobile Check-Ins, Industry Conferences, and Sales

The increasing popularity of smart phones and development of mobile technologies with application for sales and marketing from basic advertisements to check-ins and location based software has led many companies to experiment with how they can best utilize this technology to market and sell their products. Technology companies in general have been curious how to take advantage of this phenomenon to increase sales and interaction with their brand.

Informa Telecoms & Media has reported that mobile advertising revenue surpassed $3.5 Billion in 2010 and will reach almost $24 Billion by 2015. This trend is fueled by an increase in smart phone penetration into the mobile phone market. “In a report released today by International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of smart phone units shipped by manufactures is expected to increase by 49.2% in 2011. It is expected that over 450 billion new units will be shipped, and increase of 140 million units over 2010 numbers. One of the key sectors of the mobile advertising market is the location based advertising niche, which is expected to become a $1.8 Billion market by 2015 as reported by ABI Research.

While small businesses have already begun to utilize location based services to increase foot traffic and build customer loyalty, it has been trickier for technology-focused companies to take advantage of this trend. After all, since many do not sell their products and services out of their own retail establishments, there is often no where to “check-in” during the sales process.

However, check-ins can be a great way to incentivize the sale at industry events. Amongst exhibition rooms packed with booths of hundreds of different companies with different products and services, standing out amongst all the noise and finding the attendees who have a real interest in what you are offering has always been a challenge. With such a wide variety of options and exhibits to visit, attendees can often be overwhelmed and miss out on exhibitors they may actually have a real interest in.

As a result, providing incentives for conference attendees to check-in to certain exhibit booths can be a great way to increase foot traffic to a booth, much like how small businesses use these services to increase foot traffic into their establishments. Anything from free swag to savings on the products and services you offer to free informational products related to your company can be used as an incentive (and off course should be catered to your audience)

Through using location based advertising, companies can effectively switch from a “push” marketing method to a “pull” marketing method. Instead of bombarding and “pushing” out content and irrelevant advertisements to users, companies can send out sample offers and discounts which “pull” users into their exhibitions. Users can select what they are interested in and browse only those offers which are pertinent to their interests. As a result, this technique of drawing users in does not seem as “forced” as traditional techniques can be and only affects the users who have indicated some interest in your product and industry and may turn into qualified leads.

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