Leveraging LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

b2b linkedin marketing tipsLinkedIn is one of the most successful platforms for professional networking and refined social media targeting. It’s a place where people from all industrial verticals can build relationships with their colleagues and demonstrate their experiences and expertise. It’s also a commendable place where organizations can show case their work to prospective clients, customers and their networks. Since it inception 11 years ago LinkedIn presently has around 350 million users, about 2 million groups , over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements and users from more than 180 countries. These are facts limited only to user base; it’s clear from the stated figures that it caters to a wider set of audiences and has a larger scopewhen it comes to driving visitors to your website/ homepage.

The question here is to determine tactics to get higher visibility and take best possible advantage of this platform. Enumerated are few tips that helped us pull more traction through LinkedIn

Join Target Specific Groups

Being a part of many groups always helps, but try and be a part of target oriented groups only. Where to post content where and for whom is the key question to be answered here. Posting irrelevant content is just going to lead you being part of the so called spamming individuals in random groups. Also an additional effort of making new groups can be a good way of networking with new people and sharing knowledge amongst. The next main task to do is to tract the traction coming on the posts you have posted on these groups. Keeping a tab of likes and comments is a gamble of luck but missing it may cost you irreversible loss of time

b2b linkedin marketing tips

Say no to Weekends and Evenings

Just like scheduling a social event on a Monday is a futile activity, similarly posting content and harboring marketing aspirations on weekends and evening timings can prove to be just a toll of efforts. LinkedIn says their busiest timings of visits are morning and midday, Monday through Friday. Go cash on it, write well and post it at the right time. At the same time doing some experiments and fiddling around is required for you to know what time between this time band is best suited for you

b2b linkedin marketing tips

Measure and Optimize your Engagement Levels

It’s all a numbers game, not only it makes the play easier it also helps us understand and find out the shortcomings and where they exist. By clicking on the drop down menu of your admin login page of your company you can study your page’s LinkedIn analytics. Go to the engagement levels and it will show a graphical representation of your shares, likes, comments, clicks and follows along with the sources for the same for the whole month. This gives the exact shooting point for you to look at and know where the drop is coming from and then draft an action plan to hit your target for the next month

b2b linkedin marketing tips

 Average your Number 25!

LinkedIn has found, posting around 22-25 posts a month can help you tap 60-65% of your targeted audience. As is universally accepted, more the quantity more the chances of views. There is certainly no thumb rule here nor a guarantee for clicks but this is a good number to aim at. Especially when you seek better and higher engagement rates with your connections. An active profile and profile postings is what creates and contributes towards your image building

b2b linkedin marketing tips

Engage your Employees

Employees are your strongest catalysts for increased engagement levels with the targeted audience as well as networks unknown as yet. Send notifications and link updates to employees every-time a crucial update is to be posted and to be made viral on LinkedIn. It will not only engage them but also increase the visibility of the posts through their profiles and backing on their credibility is a great way to indulge in networking in professional sites eventually inducing marketing opportunities

b2b linkedin marketing tips

Promote Insights More & Yourself Less

Though both the parties in concern are well aware that you are trying to direct viewers towards your homepage through these posts and updates, which is absolutely mundane and accepted. But what is going to make you different? Be a contributor and share knowledge. Active users participate to be more productive and fetch more takeaways from Industry an insight which gives them actionable content to follow continuously. Posting only company news and events is not going to be a big enough motivation for your connections to be reading all the posts that you publish

b2b linkedin marketing tips

Hope these tips prove to be a great help for all our audiences for making their content more viral on LinkedIn and building more connections. Feel free to drop in any suggestions below that have worked for you.



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