Leveraging Exhibition Marketing Using Social Networks

Exhibition and events are great marketing and lead generation tools that allow for face to face interactions. This is imperative in a B2B scenario wherein people are looking to build trust before they enter into a business partnership.  Using social media to properly propagate your events and exhibitions helps you increase visits and participation. Today we present to you a few tips that can help you utilize social spheres effectively for your promotion of your exhibition.

Should be your starting point for any social media engagement. Use giveaways to generate interest and drive more and more visitors to your event/ or its website. You need to plan out at least 60 days before your event and start posting pre scheduled tweets which increase in frequency as the event draws near. An important element here is to create a relevant hash tag (#) for your event and utilize it in all communications

Tip – use hootsuite for scheduling tweets at times in sync with your audience behavior. A tool like tweetdeck can be used to research for trends in your niche and exhibition area. You can then target these areas with your tweets to reach a wider audience  

Promote images from your event using this channel.

Tip – Instagram can help you adjust color contrasts to make your images more appealing

Use Facebook both on a company and personal level. Personal messages, event information and promotion can all be undertaken

Tip – try and utilize the organic exponential reach Facebook is able to provide. Personal accounts of your employees and peers could be of big help

An often unknown fact is that at times YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. Build up a YouTube channel for the show and you don’t need to spend lavishly ion content creation for this. Real shots from your exhibition and anything educative about your products and services works well

Tip – always remember you don’t need big budgets to build quality videos. Utilize the plethora of free online options available

Use your blog to write about your show. They help you publicize your cause by boosting your SEO and generating links

Tip – if you don’t have a blog firstly you should and secondly don’t sweat. A lot of ready to use online tools are available to help you set it up in no time

If you can’t have a dedicated feed for LinkedIn try recycling your tweets, don’t however ignore LinkedIn especially as a lead source in a B2B scenario

Tip – browse through your list of attendees on LinkedIn and connect with them in advance. Join groups that are related to your niche and use them as a platform to advertise your event for free!

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