Key Tips for Developing B2B Leads Using Social Media

By Jenny Ann

B2B Social Media StrategyA common problem encountered by mid to small sized b2b brands is the lack of engagement on social media. You make have over 1000 likes to your page but they don’t engage with your posts. Maybe you have more un-follows than new followers on twitter now. You might in fact be tempted to jump to the conclusion that social media isn’t working for you. And we don’t blame you. However instead of cutting down on your social media efforts it’s time that you tweaked them a bit. In order to generate quality b2b leads using social media we advise you to carefully consider the following four factors.

Have clear understanding of your sales funnel          

Your purchase funnel has three parts

  • Top of the funnel – gathering and building an audience
  • Middle of funnel – identifying and nurturing leads
  • Bottom of funnel – closing deals

Now analyze which of these segments are your social media posts targeting? Most social media posts are generally written for top of the funnel where as the middle of the funnel is more often than not ignored. This is a mistake because it’s the middle of the funnel wherein you can convert your audience into actual leads.

Key Question: How can you effectively leverage the middle of the funnel?

Be ready with your buyer personas

Buyer personas (for the unaware) are “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers” This post from HubSpot highlights more.

You need to know your buyers well. We consider your buyers as prospects having a particular pain point that only your product or service can solve in an effective manner. The middle of the funnel content and by correlation your social media posts should be based around addressing this pain area and highlighting your solution.

Key Question: Can understanding buyers help me further refine my strategy?

Create relevant content

Once you are clear about your buyers and stages of the sales funnel you can move on towards creating highly relevant and interesting content that hooks up your audience. Try and explore several content forms like blogs, videos and infographics all of which can be shared using your social media channels. And this brings us to the last important point.

Key Question: What is the kind of content that can help me move buyers across stages?

Identify and use only relevant social media channels

A point back we had asked you to clearly identify who your buyers were. Doing that has one more indirect benefit. If you know who they are you can probably figure out where they would want to hang out. Most b2c brands would focus on LinkedIn and twitter. However you might find b2b brands generating more leads out of LinkedIn.

Key Question: How to use right social media channels to generate more leads?

Answering these four key questions should help you update your social media strategy and help social media become an important pillar of your lead generation efforts. Have more to add? We sure hope so! Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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