It’s all about doing what you’d rather not

How do I look at sales? What is sales to me? How do I sell? How do I get more prospects? How do I not be like a regular sales person?

The answer is- Do what you’d rather not!
I am very new to sales. Still struggling with the whole process but what I have learnt in these few weeks about sales at AAyuja is- If you are a sales person and you want to hit “that” target then you got to walk that extra mile and make it happen.

The icing on the cake cannot be done with just one snap of a finger. Sitting those two or three extra hours may result in you acquiring an eligible prospect.

You might say- “I could have been sleeping”, but think about the next morning that will bring you that extra joy because of your previous night’s sacrifice.

You could have been out on a Friday night with your pals but you chose to sit back and make 200 calls more to assure that you have 5 more prospects to celebrate about on a Saturday night.

Oh… Someone’s getting married at home? Well that can be excused unless you’re a sales freak trying to look for a prospect at the reception. (Hey that’s now a very bad idea now that I think of it!)
I have often heard people say- Oh sales job?

  • Just say something that will make the customers happy and get you the transaction.
  • Admit nothing if asked questions.
  • Make loads of money by lying.

Ok I get it… you sell to make money but hold on there……………….If you Google the definition of Sales then doesn’t it say- “ The exchange of goods and services for an amount of money or equivalent”?

Darn! Gotta work at the ethics y’all…… save that thought and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now getting back to the point, you are a driven sales person, live it love it and get the ball rolling the right way. Think out of the box and DO WHAT YOU’D RATHER NOT! (Thumbs up)

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