Is Cold Calling More Difficult Than Closing a Deal or Vice Versa?

By Neil Smith

Cold calling is not about arriving at a sale but building up a chance of getting the sale. It’s something like grabbing a black cat in a dark room, you never know whether the prospects are in need of the service or product you’re offering and often prospects might decline your offerings. Sales reps have to face resistance from prospects most of the time and it’s observed that prospects and decision makers are difficult to reach now days because of gatekeepers. While closing a deal you’ll have defined and interested potential customers who will be receptive to your offerings and are in need of the product or service offered.

A survey conducted by DiscoverOrg  showed that 75% of decision makers either answered the call or gave sales rep an appointment as a result of cold calling. Inside sales rep can answer the queries pretty fast rather than field sales rep. It’s eventual as an inside sales rep receives the updated information and can handle the client queries effectively and convert them into leads. Having product knowledge for field sales reps won’t increase the number of leads while prospecting, as they are less technical. To convert prospects into leads requires multiple calls right from targeting to objection handling and with effective sales process rolling prospects into leads.

While closing a deal you often get everything right but still don’t have an agreement from the prospect.  Don’t get offended when you can’t close a deal, everyday is not Sunday and you can’t close every deal! Thus stop trying to close every deal, instead help the prospects understand the value added to their business. It’s better to have a checklist to find out that if the prospect fits into your requirement or not, if the client doesn’t fall into the checklist then you’ll not feel rejected and move on to the next prospect.

This checklist principle also implies to cold calling, every time when a sales rep cold calls it’s better to have a check list and measure the prospect against that and decide whether the prospect is perfect fit or not, if the prospect won’t fall into the checklist then no need to take the rejection personally, just move on to the next prospect.

While cold calling or closing a deal just prepare for the worst scenario so that you’ll be prepared to face the situation. We know the proverb which says failure is the stepping stone to success so better learn from the failure and move on to the next call or deal!

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