Introverts in Sales

By Neil Smith

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”- Stephen Hawking

A successful salesperson is one who understands the needs of the customer and approaches to fulfill those needs. Being calm and poise makes the client at ease rather than tense and defensive. Clients look for a solution provider to their needs rather than a pushy sales rep who often puts an overly smile on his/ her face and tries to make a sale without addressing the client’s problem. Thus a good sales rep should have a natural tendency to spend time knowing the client and his needs and to provide the client, tailored specific solutions which address his needs. This leads to a long stream of revenue with repetitive business.

There are some traits commonly found in introverts which can greatly aid in sales.

  • Listening skills – Introverts are generally great listeners. The customers want to explain their issues, what they are dealing with and what kind of solution they’re looking for. Introverts are able to effectively take in all the details by asking questions for more information on particular issues and provide viable solutions which tend to connect with clients personally
  • Tailored specific solutions – Introverts are generally well prepared. They often tend to be good with research and often take a problem solver’s approach towards situations. This is a highly desired attribute in a sales rep. Before providing a solution to the client, sales rep should do research about the client to understand the client’s business and industry. A good idea would be to prepare questions to be asked and take notes of their reply
  • Effective relationship Management – Introverts have fewer connections but they build a very deep relationship with them. Maintaining relationships with existing clients is the key to sales success. A strong long term relationship with a client could provide lead to a consistent list of referrals and repetitive business

Both introvert and extrovert personalities can thus be successful in sales. A good way to achieve this is to refine your strengths further while imbibing some of the traits of the opposite type. Introvert could achieve breakthrough sales by their superior listening and problem solving skills. Feel free to leave us with your thoughts on the subject via comments below.

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