Improving Sales Effectiveness – A Primer Part 2

By Neil Smith

Inside Sales | Marketing Services

In our last post Improving Sales Effectiveness – A Primer Part 1 we discussed in length the five major factors affecting sales effectiveness in modern organizations. In today’s post we conclude our discussion by highlighting actionable tasks for each of those factors.

Better integration of sales marketing and service departments

  • Formulate end to ends processes and handoff points amongst sales, marketing and service functions to improve sync and provide a unified experience to your customers
  • Include key customer behavior metrics while formulating objectives for sales, marketing and service and when awarding performance
  • Effectively leverage all touch points to build a consistent customer experience
  • If necessary assign key personal to a role that’s responsible for maintaining customer centric focus across sales, marketing and service functions

Manage customer experience at each checkpoint

  • Focus on gaining a 360-degree view of your customers by utilizing both internal and external data
  • Identify customers preferred channel for interactions and then build on an interaction model as per each customer’s buying behavior
  • Utilize tailored, personalized and consistent messages across sales, marketing and service as much as possible
  • Try and move as many customers as possible towards a trusted partner status
  • Actively address customer experience issues at all touch points

Refine your sales processes and methodologies

  • Select a sales methodology and apply it consistently
  • The art of selling should always be managed with science while managing the sales organization
  • Never fail to react to changing market conditions, optimize sales processes accordingly
  • Ensure methodology and processes add value to reps and managers, reevaluate if performance increases aren’t in line with expectations
  • Periodically access processes looking for potential points of failure and create mechanisms to measure process efficiency

Enhance talent acquisition, development and retention

  • Buildup a profile from your best performing reps and then utilize this DNA while recruiting, retaining and training other reps
  • More effective targeting while sourcing and highly structured/ optimized on boarding will help your reduce time to sales rep proficiency
  • Increase sales rep productivity via regular training and motivation

 Utilize technology properly

  • Use social, mobility, cloud and analytics to guide customers, filter content and ultimately optimize experience across channels by using experience as a service solutions
  • Predictive and descriptive analytics can help gain a broad view of customers and help detect deflections before they occur
  •  Customer value analytics and cost to serve analysis can help you create differentiations in customer interactions

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