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I am sure you have heard this many times and wondered from time to time if it is really true. Here are supporting facts to make it clear, according to an international survey, the world’s 500 most influential professionals have one common trait: Speed-reading! They can read articles and such at the rate of 500 words per minute, while a common man generally averages 130 words per minute. No wonder that readers are leaders! Reading is such a productive habit; it affects your thought process in the most positive way, gives you more ammo to talk about on any given topic, and thus increasing your foothold in any discussion. I have seen this on numerous occasions that talking to my clients about their industry with facts, figures and confidence changes the dynamics of a discussion altogether.

Now, if you are wondering as Sales professionals, what to read to make the best of our professions, to get those conversations going, and to stand out, well…just keep reading.

Here are some suggestions of Sales books and their takeaways by Rob Reed, who has read and reviewed more than 60 books on Sales, and is continuing to do so.

Spin Selling: The author Mr. Rackham suggests using spin questions to get our customers feel a genuine need for your product. We all know probing helps! So keep asking how, what, where, who, when and why.

Integrity Selling for the 21st Century: Author Ron Willingham says, “Customers want to do business with people they can trust.” We need to focus on our ethics and values, which always go a long way.

Non-Manipulative Selling: This one is a highly recommended book for complex transactional sales. Tactical selling is essential, and you can find out by reading this book.

Solution Selling: This is a great read to figure out how you can be less stereotypical while selling. I definitely recommend it as it helps you find ways to wipe off the impression from your customer’s minds of preconceived notions about Sales folks.

Sales Dogs: In this very interesting book, the author Blair Singer uses five different breeds of dogs to identify different characteristics of distinct sales people. This is another way of saying that every Sales person brings different skill sets to the table to get their job done.

To add, there are a few very useful blogs as well, that contain very useful information on the industry. A few recommendations would be:

  • The Sales blog:
  • Eyes on Sales:
  • Dr. Tony Alessandra blog:
  • Sales Productivity Insider Blog:
  • Forbes:

However, it is important to remember that only reading books or blogs will not help us get the desired results, unless you are applying them in real scenarios!

Have you read a book or a blog lately that gave you real good insights? If yes, please do not hesitate to share!


  1. To the sales rep who wrote it – Great work !

    Reminded me of my sales days ! I suddenly miss sales so much !

    Sales is actually the backbone of a business/company and is an often misunderstood and underrated skill esp in India.

    what I loved most about sales is the freedom that came with it, and the option to be creative in selling. The exposure to different people , to identify the need and to be able to serve that need and to get incentive for it is a great achievement.

    Borrowed Quote ” “Selling is not a sideshow, a pesky obligation apart from the real business of finance, law, or accounting. It is business in gorgeous Technicolour.” Sales is a “human practice.” To be a success in sales requires skills and traits that aren’t solely useful in that particular job, but also essential for success in life”.

    All the best !

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